Ride the Great Divide

Fur traders who mapped most of Canada were guided by Iroquois, Métis and native guides. Early voyageurs and explorers braved the natural elements, and were challenged by a seemingly impassible barrier when they reached the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Iroquois guides led legendary explorers like Alexander McKenzie, David Thompson and others over five (5) mountain routes.

Ride the Great Divide is a documentary that will feature a trail crew on an expedition, sharing their efforts to restore the almost forgotten trade routes. Some of the trail hands are descended from the Iroquois-Métis voyageurs who travelled west 200 years ago. This production is a 3-part ½-hour docuseries that details the story of mountain men who are committed to rebuilding the historic and culturally important trail network. The rehabilitation of these trails is challenging due to massive floods, river erosion, fire and neglect.

The 3-part series will feature the challenges of trail life during the spring, summer, fall and preparing for the winter season. The production will reveal an intriguing story, featuring a little-known history and a distinctive culture of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. The documentary will reveal a rich exposé detailing a simpler way of life, taking the audience back in time one hundred years. It will share the history, customs and culture of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

 The Canadian Rockies Stories Season Three is a three-part 1/2-hour mini-series that will be aired on Wild TVRFD TV and The Cowboy Channel.

Season 3

Thirty (30) plus years of research into the Canadian Fur Trade forms the basis of this 3-part, 1/2-hour documentary series.